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Bastl library for Arduino includes utilities for joining the Mozzi library, includes necessary files to make the source code compile for Bastl Instruments softwares.

As Examples included in the library you find the softwares that would run on Trinity synth. Currently there are MONO FM synth, POLY synth, DRUM and SQNCR. Note: the examples might not be the latest versions of these softwares. Please check their own repositories to get the latest versions.

To install the Bastl library download the repository (link on the left), unpack it, rename folder name simply to "bastl" and copy it to "libraries" folder of your Arduino IDE. You also need to install the Mozzi and the MIDI library for Arduino

instructions on how to install and upload the software to be found on instructables:

Bastl Instruments

is new brand for electronic hand-made musical instrument which continues the instruments tradition set up by Standuino. We are the same people and we believe that by focusing on musical instruments only we are able to achieve higher quality and innovation. The word Bastl refers very often to DIY electronics in Czech language, but also includes different forms of funny DIY.

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is open musical instrument bringing the power of digital instruments and their development to wider Bastl public. It runs Atmega 328 chip reprogrammable by Arduino IDE and ready to run Mozzi library.

Trinity is open for any sort of hacks, and we will document them and make instructables for them. We are hoping to also implement some of the future hacks into the official Bastl softwares. You can hack the existing softwares or start your own synth software from scratch using the Mozzi library to output sound. Because Trinity is based on Arduino you can use the whole world of it to interface literally anything with it. It is hackable in hardware so you can connect sensors or motors to it or sync it to anything. The softwares and examples are written in structured form so they read and change them easily.

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