This pages provides documentation for users of Bastl Instruments' Thyme effects processor.


There are two kinds of manuals for different use cases or personal preferences:


THYME Effects Processor Explained
20 Sounds No Talking
Destructive Looping

Firmware Updates

Firmware updates can be installed via MIDI as described in the manual. You will need to download our Sysex-Playback App which is available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

To find out what version your device is currently running on, compare the displayed ID with the ones from this table.

Version ID Release Date Download Changes
1.0 0 April 2018 MIDI File Initial Version
1.0.2 1 Mai 2018 MIDI File Fixed Bug: Crash when enabling SYNC while CLK or MIDI is selected as the clock source
Fixed Bug: Main delay would jump to zero if COARSE and FINE are set to full
Fixed Bug: Robot RATE and SHAPE not frozen properly when selecting a different robot or changing the MODE
1.1.0 2 Juni 2019 MIDI File Fixed Bug: Chirp in transition from lowpass to highpass
Fixed Bug: Headphone pot does not react sometimes
Fixed Bug: Mitigate flash corruption (requires hardware 1.1 to be effective)
Feature: Interpretation of MIDI start/stop messages can be disabled
Feature: Set to half/double tape speed with button combination
Feature: Add triplet as a quantization option (robots and delay length)
Feature: Lower minimum speed for oscillator type robots
1.1.1 3 August 2019 MIDI File Fixed Bug: Audio can turn off sometimes on some units until restart. This is a true fix for all units with hardware 1.1 and up and a mitigation for older hardware

Copyright: Bastl Instruments - CC BY-SA 4.0